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Organise a Workshop, a Course or a Seminar on the Ecosite

You would like to ORGANISE an activity and come with a GROUP, to know the prices, thank you for CONTACTING us for a personalised quote by indicating :

    PuceFeuille2The type of activities you want to offer
PuceFeuille2The period you want to come
PuceFeuille2The option type you consider
PuceFeuille2 The estimated group size
PuceFeuille2The required material

We take care of the PARTICIPANTS ARRIVALS, the accommodations RESERVATIONS, MEALS and SHUTTLES,
thus, YOU ARE COMPLETELY AVAILABLE for your activity.
Accommodations are residential, with several options from full board to free organisation, or mixed solutions.

You can contact us by phone on: +33 (0) 3 73 27 05 75

or by mail via our CONTACT FORM

Note : Ô Saveur de l'Instant is not an organiser and does not fill groups.
We take in charge the logistics of the events on the Ecosite and diffuse the programs via our Newsletter, and via our social networks.