Ecosite co-founder

After living in an urban environment, co-created and carried an audio-visual company for 10 years, I chose to settle in the countryside.
Brought up with renovation knowledge, I am self-taught and passionate by many thematic related to sustainable/ self-construction. I renovated several houses, I like working on materials, creating and experimenting. In 2008, I laid the foundations of a project of place for meetings and exchanges around living and nature, then I discovered permaculture in 2012. Since, I share and advise on project editing, sustainable construction, renovation, energy management, natural pools, and plant-water-based systems.


Nathalie / Ramatara
Ecosite co-founder

From engineering studies, Nathalie came across Yoga in 2008 and her professional career quickly suited on this fundamental aspiration to know herself.
She had the chance to organise, attend and later, film many meetings with great masters of all traditions. In parallel of this inner quest, Yvan and she founded a place to welcome and share such values. She teaches on the Ecosite Vocal Yoga, an Integral Yoga which is a natural expression of her musical and inner path.